Alexa Apple Music

Use the Amazon Echo speakers to play Alexa Apple Music – a feature only available on Echo devices, for now. Configuring the app takes no more than 30 seconds.

Alexa Apple Music Setup

  1. To set up the Alexa Apple music, you must ensure that your Echo device is connected and you have an active Amazon account, which you have logged in to
  2. Once you have ensured all of the above, launch the Alexa app and select Menu -> Settings
  3. From under the Settings, scroll down to the Music option and select it and then click on Link New Service with a ‘+’ or ‘Plus’ next to it
  4. You will come to the Link Service screen that will contain several music options – from here choose Apple Music
  5. Click on the Enable to Use from under the Apple Music menu to activate the Apple Music Skill
  6. Finally, after signing into the Apple Music account you just have to press Allow Access give your voice command to play the music of your choice

Hidden features of Alexa Apple Music

With an effort to streamline the app, the Apple Music App was revamped with easier navigation, better performance and a greater selection of apps. In the Alexa Apple Music App check out all these ‘buried’ attributes that you did not know about earlier.

Now Playing Panel

  1. From the Now Playing panel below the title of the current song playing, you can now see the artist and album info in red letters
  2. Peruse its tracklist and read the description details of the album to know more about the song

Automatic Download

  1. Append a song into the library with the help of the ‘Add’ or ‘+’ button
  2. Although, the song cannot be played offline
  3. Even without a Wi-Fi connection, now, listen to your favorite song
  4. Just go to Settings -> Music -> Automatic Download and shift the button to the ‘On’ mode


  1. Customize the library view to display the heading of your choice
  2. Go to Library tab -> Edit and then check the items that you wish to include or even remove from the view
  3. Thereafter, click on Done
  4. You also get to arrange the songs alphabetically with the Sort button
  5. Categorize by artist name or album title as well

Play next or play later

  1. There are two options available on the Contextual Menu – the Play Next and the Play Later
  2. Selecting Play Next will put your song at the top of the Up Next queue list
  3. When you choose Play Later, the song will be rendered at the bottom of the Up Next queue

Radio Stations

  1. You can easily play a mix of music based on an artist, album or song with the Alexa Apple music
  2. Tap on the Create Station option from the Contextual Menu to curate your own station according to album, or artist

Listen to every song, every sound on Alexa Apple Music. For any issues reach out to our team for advice at +1-844-703-1260

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