How To Access Alexa Blueprints?

Users can now build their own Alexa skills without having to code any of them. Now, with Blueprints, anyone can create customized skills sets for Alexa with new capabilities to create more personalized experiences. Every Alexa-powered device will now possess the capability to render skills unique to each user. Additionally, there are multiple options available under each of the sub-skills.

Alexa Blueprints
Alexa Blueprints

Alexa Games And Fun

  • Inspirations will let you create a list of quotes
  • Roast your family and friends
  • First Letter – Starting with a letter play a game of categories
  • Family Jokes – When you need a laugh, create a list of your favorite jokes for
  • Trivia – on any topic make a multiple choice trivia game
  • Couples Quiz will let you find out, which of the couples know each other the best
  • Birthday Trivia to see who knows most about the birthday girl or boy
  • Compliments – With a list of custom compliments flatter your favorites
  • Family Trivia – Brush up on your family history.
  • World’s Best Dad – Create a list of great compliments for dad
  • Interactive Story – Test your memory by creating an interactive story
  • Three Word Sort – Train your brain in this topsy-turvy sorting game
  • World’s Best Mom – Curate a list of compliments just for mom
  • Five Item Rush – A whacky categories game where you can score your friends
  • Doubles Trouble – Play to find out which couple knows each other best.
  • Bachelorette Party – Find out through this game, how well you know the bride
  • Fortune Teller – Get a glimpse into the future as you ask Alexa for your fortune
  • Yes No Maybe – Hear a randomly chosen response with Alexa for any of your yes or no questions

Get To know about Alexa  Games For kids

Alexa Skill

Learning & Knowledge

  • Quiz – Throw open-ended questions to your friends as a challenge
  • Flashcards – Master any of the subjects just by voice to study and test yourself
  • Facts – A personal list of facts accessed on any topic
  • Listening Quiz – This is a listening quiz skill that helps you listen and then recall
  • Story Quiz – Test your memory through a story

At Home

  • Custom Q&A – A list of questions with customized answers from Alexa
  • Houseguest – A welcome message guiding guests across your neighborhood and your home
  • Santa’s Letter – Track your letter’s progress to Santa across the North Pole
  • Whose Turn – Have Alexa choose who does something next
  • Task Chart – Schedule house chores for your home and track them each week
  • Roommate – Roommates can receive valuable information when you place them here
  • Sidekick – Get supportive and funny responses from Alexa
  • Countdown – Customized countdown by Alexa when you need it


  • Create an interactive Fairy tale with a prince and princess in it
  • A far-out Sci-Fi theme woven into a story
  • Curate a timeless
  • Adventures are all-time favorite stories
  • Your child can be the main character in Holiday Story
  • All About Dad – A personalized story about your dad narrated by Alexa
  • Mom surprise – with an All About Mom story

Setting up an Alexa skill

  • Go to the Alexa Skills Blueprint website and select your blueprint template
  • Click on any of the customized Alexa blueprints icons as listed above
  • From another page with additional details click on the MAKE YOUR OWN button
  • Check if all your pre-filled content for correction
  • If not, change the values and further customize them
  • Select NEXT and then name your skill under ALEXA, OPEN field
  • Click on the NEXT: CREATE SKILL button
  • Thereafter, a page indicates a message YOUR SKILL IS READY

A single Alexa skill will be available on all the other Alexa devices that are synced with your Amazon account. Call our agents at +1-844-703-1260 to know more about Alexa Blueprints and their customization.

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