Alexa Games For Kids

Amazon is digging up the next generation of technological advancement with its new releases of Alexa devices. Alexa is absolutely providing multiple fascinating features for the user. By utilizing the applications of several smart devices, Alexa is getting smarter and smarter and provides a great control over different home appliances.

Do your desired works in your home whether it is cooking or any other writing works, just give the voice prompt, get Alexa games and keep your kid busy all ahead. With this article, you can easily spot out some good Alexa games for kids.

Alexa games for kids
Alexa games for kids

How to Activate Alexa Games

You can play several games on your Alexa device by enabling certain skills in the Alexa app

  • Open your Alexa app and tap the main menu icon
  • In the dropdown options, click the ‘Skills and games’ option to explore myriad skills available for Amazon echo
  • Select your choice and click the ‘enable skill’ option to play the skill on your Alexa
  • You can also use the voice prompt to open skill

Top 5 Alexa Games For Kids

Panda rescue

  • In this Alexa game, the user is the carer and his work is to care the baby panda
  • By turning on this game on Alexa, it will raise multiple questions and with the right answers, the correct decisions will be made, which insist the panda grow up

Hungry birds

  • This game is not only under the entertainment category, but also teaches the education skills
  • By playing this Alexa game, the child is able to get the fundamentals of coding and logical thinking skills
  • Main objective of the game is to help a bird to reach its own nest by travelling through a path filled with multiple hurdles

SpongeBob challenge

  • Like the previous one, this game is also enhancing the memory skills of the kid
  • It is basically a memory game, in which the Krustykrab crew’s job is to take various orders from their customers and the player should remember the orders, even in complex situations

Freeze dancers

  • This game is a purely entertainment-oriented one; kids will surely enjoy it with great pleasure
  • It is a freeze dance game and by starting this game, Alexa play the music and the kid should dance in different ways and steps
  • When the music is paused, the dancer should freeze with his move until the music is played again
  • In this way, the game will move on and certainly, the kid will learn the dancing in a freaky way

Magical adventure

  • And absolutely, the story is not a missing entertainment in the kid’s category
  • Magical adventure is a game that can tell various stories for the kids, with the kid name as the protagonist
  • For each and every time, Alexa will play the new 5 minutes story
  • The user can also submit their stories to the developer by the email

In the meantime, if you have further doubts and clarification about Alexa games for kids, call our toll-free number at +1-844-703-1260 to get guidance from our team.

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