Follow Amazon Alexa Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Amazon Alexa Issues

All applications are man-made and definitely there is always room for errors. Therefore, the Alexa app is no exception and you easily find help on Amazon Alexa troubleshooting in this article.

Amazon Alexa Troubleshooting
Amazon Alexa Troubleshooting

App Not Working

Compatibility issues between the device that you own and the Amazon Alexa app is one major concern for app issues. Hence, we recommend that you check the compatibility of the device and your app to begin with.

Amazon Devices

  • These devices must possess a Fire OS 3.0 or higher

Android Devices

  • The criteria for Android devices is that they must run an OS version 5.0 or higher

Apple Devices

  • Almost all Apple devices run on iOS for which the version should be 9.0 or higher

On a Mobile Device

And when you are using a mobile device, which can also be a tablet, then you can try out these remedies to revive the app.

  • Close the app forcibly or if not possible, directly restart the mobile device
  • Turn off the device and the boot it back up to retry the app’s working condition
  • If you still find issues with the app, then you may have to uninstall it completely
  • Also, close all instances of the app before re-installing it on your mobile device
  • In the meantime, check if your device’s OS meets the minimum requirement for the Alexa app

On a Web Browser

When the app does not open properly on a web browser, then try the following Amazon Alexa troubleshooting steps;

  • First, check if the web browser is compatible to host the Amazon Alexa page
  • If not, close it and open another web browser that is capable of hosting this page
  • Try reloading the page and also clear the cache and cookies before trying out this technique
  • Also, check for the web browser settings and firewall settings if any were set for the PC
  • Finally, you can try restarting your PC is none of the above methods work out

Bluetooth Issues

There are many factors that are vital for the Bluetooth connection to be successful between the Alexa app and the device.

  • For instance, the desired device must be Bluetooth compatible for which you can check on the app
  • Alexa supports only two types of profiles for Bluetooth devices which are A2DP SNK and AVRCP
  • If your device does not have any of the above-mentioned profiles, then there is a possibility for issues
  • And then, you must also check if the Bluetooth device is connected to a proper power source
  • In other cases, they can also be battery operated; check if the batteries are operational
  • Pairing must be effective and if not, can be performed once again with the Alexa app

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