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Amazon is always delivering its best products to embrace with technological developments across the world. One of their renowned products is the Alexa app; with this voice assistant, one can get myriad answers and output through hands-free searches. This echo device can respond to all type of voice commands and designed for multiple languages, which can play music, report daily news, weather, read audio books and even can operate home appliances, where the devices are capable enough for the Internet of things. This blog will give you some information about the Amazon echo home setup.

Amazon Echo Home Setup
Amazon Echo Home Setup

So, every electronic device will get the upgrade over the period of time by the influence of new technological methods. Likewise, Alexa device is not only a smart speaker to respond the voice commands, but it is actually a start for the smart home culture. To avail this facility, you must install the capable devices in a proper way and then, proceed with the Alexa control.

Steps for Amazon Echo Home Setup

Download the Alexa app

  • If you are an Amazon echo device owner, then you should have the Download Alexa App on your smartphone
  • For the echo device and echo home setup, the mobile is a mandatory one
  • So, in your smartphone go to the app store, and you can get the Alexa app for free
  • If you want to download in a computer, then access the Amazon Alexa website for the download

Power up the echo device

  • Echo device operates with the power connection only and doesn’t need any batteries
  • Take the power adapter from the package and plug it to the power outlet
  • Connect another end of the power adapter wire end to the echo device
  • When the power is connected, the light turns blue, and orange light indicates that the device is greeting the user

Connecting the echo to the Internet network

  • The next step is connecting the Amazon echo device to Wi-Fi network.
  • Just turn on the Wi-Fi network and open the Alexa app in your smartphone.
  • Search for the available Wi-Fi networks and select your network.
  • For multiple echo devices, click the Alexa devices in the menu and choose your device name.
  • In the Wireless category, you can check the network connectivity.
  • You can save your Wi-Fi password on Amazon, which makes an easy connection
  • You can also connect your Echo device to the public network also

Setup Alexa Smart Home

  • After establishing the secure internet connection, the Echo device is ready to use and start the device with the wake word
  • At first, say the ‘Hello’ wake word. If the device is perfectly connected, the Alexa will reply ‘Hello’
  • If you have the smart devices in your home, Alexa will be able to recognize the device
  • For this step, in your Alexa app menu, click the ‘Smart Home’ option and then the Alexa will automatically find the nearby smart devices and it can make the pair
  • If the Alexa is not recognizing your smart device, then you can choose the device by ‘Add device’ option and also organize the devices by ‘Groups’ option also

For further queries and clarification about Amazon Alexa Echo, reach our technical experts by the toll-free number at +1-844-703-1260.

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