Amazon Echo no sound errors are common if you use any of the Amazon Echo devices. Do not panic if you come across errors as we have lot of tips and tricks to troubleshoot them. The error may be either due to volume issues or due to the device setup errors. Whatever may be the error, it is important to identify it first before you proceed. Start the Amazon Alexa troubleshooting to resolve Amazon Echo no sound errors. Through voice commands, on your alexa device, make the required selections.

Amazon Echo no sound errors
Amazon Echo no sound errors

Tips and Tricks to Troubleshoot Amazon Echo No Sound Errors

  • Reset the Amazon Echo device that you use
  • Ensure that you speak loudly and clearly as unclear commands can sometimes be the reason for the error
  • If you do not know how to give a new command, voice training settings are available on your Alexa app
  • There are around 25 phrases and you will be suggested to read it once
  • To make the necessary sound settings, go to Settings > Device name >Sound and start adjusting the volume level and set the required volume that you like
  • Check if your mobile app is paired properly with Alexa device
  • If not uninstall the app and begin to install it again
  • Ensure that your Echo device is not muted and if it is muted, unmute it and check if the errors persist
  • Make sure that the device is connected to the power source properly and the power cable is attached firmly
  • Check the settings for the microphone and also the speakers then

What to do next

  • Do not allow other external devices to interfere with your Amazon Echo device as this may interfere with the signal strength
  • Try pressing and holding the microphone on-off button and the volume down button at the same time
  • Wait for some time and your device will automatically start resetting
  • Do not keep any obstacles or other external devices near to the Amazon Echo speaker
  • Check and verify all the volume settings once and make sure that it is accurate
  • Try not to connect multiple devices to Amazon Echo speaker
  • The chances of errors are more if use multiple devices at the same time
  • In case, you have executed all the troubleshooting steps and if the errors still remain, you can then try using a different Amazon Echo device

Use the above troubleshooting tips and start resolving Amazon Echo no sound errors right away. In case, if you require more assistance, our team of techies are available at +1-844-703-1260 to guide you.

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