Amazon Tap Setup

Amazon TAP is the company’s battery-enabled Bluetooth speaker that comes with Alexa’s voice assistance. Encompassing features similar to the Echo Dot, the Amazon Tap Setup includes hands-free activation and even provides better quality service than the Dot. Impressively, it turns into a Bluetooth speaker minus the Wi-Fi. You get everything with your Amazon Tap Package the charging cradle, adapter, charging cable and the works. Take complete advantage of its portability with its 9-hour battery life.

Amazon Tap Setup
Amazon Tap Setup

How To Setup Amazon Tap

  • The app is absolutely free and with this, you can manage your music, shopping lists, alarms and much more
  • Just ensure that the smartphone and tablet possess an operating system with Android 4.4 or greater, iOS 8.0 or greater or Fire OS 3.0 or higher

Receiving the Alexa app

  • Go to the app store on any of the platforms and search for the Alexa App
  • It is extremely popular, so you should have no difficulty finding it
  • Click on it to download and install it on your device
  • If you are using a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or IE 10 and higher, then go to to download the app and then connect Amazon Tap to Wi-Fi

Switch on and connect

  • Use the power adapter along with the charging cable and the Cradle to turn the Tap device on
  • Light indicators in front of the device first come on as blue and then turn orange
  • You will hear a greeting as the device enters the Amazon Tap Setup Mode

Connect Amazon Tap to Wi-Fi

  • The app already issues instructions to connect Amazon Tap to Wi-Fi
  • If the process for the setup does not start automatically, then hold the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi button down for about 5 seconds
  • Launch the app and go to ‘Settings’ first, from where you can select ‘Set up a new device’
  • If the device does not connect to the Wi-Fi immediately, you can hold the Wi-Fi button down till you hear a tone
  • Restore the device to its factory settings to perform the Amazon Tap setup once again

Hotspot Connection

  • Portability is one of the biggest features of the Amazon Tap
  • You can connect with Alexa by using your mobile’s hotspot
  • For this go into the ‘Settings’ option on the Alexa app and choose ‘Update Wi-Fi’
  • Thereafter, let the lights turn orange as you hold the Wi-Fi button down – this should be for about 5 seconds
  • Connect to Tap in the network settings of your phone
  • On the app, again, choose ‘Use this device as a Wi-Fi Hotspot’ from the bottom of the list
  • The screen that appears next, will instruct you not to activate the hotspot, just about yet
  • Thereafter, choose ‘Continue’
  • Now, enter the password against your hotspot network name
  • Turn on ‘Personal Hotspot’ on your phone and once Alexa indicates that she is connected, go back to the app and click on ‘Continue’

Amazon Tap troubleshooting – How To Reset Amazon Tap

While the Amazon Tap is a straightforward device, you could face some issues where, for example, the software does not get updated.

  • For this, first go to Menu -> Settings -> choose device -> About -> Device Software Version
  • You should be able to visualize the current version
  • Then update the software by connecting the Alexa App to Wi-Fi
  • A blue pulse will appear as the software gets updated
  • The process can even take about 15 minutes to complete

All troubleshooting steps for Amazon Tap are rather simple. But if you still think you need some comprehensive directions, just call our agents for help at +1-844-703-1260.

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