Echo Dot 2nd generation Setup

For the past decade, Amazon has always been delivering various brand-new products with customized features. Amazon Alexa is the pivotal one in this transition of new products. With great multiple capabilities such as cloud-based voice service, built-in speaker, beamforming technology and noise cancellation features, the Echo device got a whopping ramp up in the lineup of new electronic gadgets.

Echo Dot 2nd generation setup
Echo Dot 2nd generation setup

Unlike other gadgets, Echo device comes in affordable price ranges and recently the 2nd generation of Echo Dot has been launched with some major extensive features. New users may get stuck in this Echo Dot 2nd generation setup process, yet it is not an arduous task.

Unboxing the Echo Dot package

Check out you have received the below-mentioned things in your Echo Dot package,

Design & Features

First and foremost, the distinguished thing in the Echo Dot 2nd generation is its compact design & size. This model comes up with a reduced size more than ever than the previous versions. So, for those who are frequent travelers, wants to carry their Echo device all the time with them, this Echo Dot would be a great selection. It is an easily portable one so that you can transform various places into a smart home with the aid of Echo Dot 2nd generation setup.

Better than ever, Echo Dot 2nd generation offers a great audio quality by its built-in speakers. You can also connect to headphones or external speakers as your desire.

Just raise a question to search for artist name/song name/genre and enjoy instant music with at most audio quality.

With multiple built microphones and beam-forming technology, this Echo Dot is equipped to get 360-degree voice commands. No more hindrance in getting your perfect outputs from Alexa.

Simply call or message to your contacts just by saying the contact name to Alexa. You can also enable direct calling option to another Alexa user by the drop in option.

Get connected to all the electronic appliances in your home and transform your ordinary ambiance into an extraordinary one by joining hands with the Alexa.

Steps for Echo Dot 2nd generation setup

  • In the first place, download the Alexa app from the app store or Sign in to the account by Amazon account credentials
  • Turn on the device and to connect with the Wi-Fi internet network, open the Alexa app, go to the settings -> then ‘device settings’ -> and select your Echo Dot device
  • Enable the wireless connection, select the available Wi-Fi network and then follow the on-screen guidelines
  • Use the wake word ‘Alexa’ to turn on your Echo Dot and talk using the natural language

Echo Dot 2nd generation review

As mentioned earlier, Echo Dot 2nd generation comes up with a great upgrade from the previous versions, and too with reduced size. This will be a perfect & easy portable companion gratifying all the features, comparing to other Echo device models.

If you need furthermore assistance for the Echo Dot 2nd generation setup, please call our team by the toll-free number at +1-844-703-1260 and get solutions for all your queries.

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