What Can You Do With Echo Dot 3rd generation?

Beginning from the launch, echo dot is getting updates and 3rd generation echo dot is the recent update from the Amazon. Every generation is added up with some new and astounding functionality that can offer a great user experience. This small and simple voice-controlled speaker has extensive microphones with beam forming technology. So that it can easily receive multiple voice commands from all directions and give the desired outputs.

Setup Echo dot 3rd generation
Setup Echo dot 3rd generation

Echo dot 3rd generation Features

More than before, the 3rd generation echo dot comes up with advanced features. Particularly, the discernible thing is its sound quality with a peculiar design. With access to the cloud-based voice service, echo dot can offer you multiple amusements like news, weather forecast, worldwide music, radio stations, alarms, and to take control of home appliances etc. You can easily stream any kind of music from different sites apart from Amazon prime music with just a voice command of a song name, artist or genre etc.

Just make a call to your friend anytime in your home or in rush time, just by saying your desired contact name. Alexa is getting smarter every day and the addition of features and capabilities is a perpetual one.

The step by step instructions on echo dot 3rd generation setup process is listed down.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation Setup

  • To begin with the setup process, first, download the Alexa app from the app store in your smartphone
  • The Alexa app can be used for the device controlling & setup along with many other exclusive options
  • You can also get it from
  • Turn on your echo dot by connecting the power adapter to the device
  • Please maintain some distance from the wall or any other structures that surround the echo dot device to perform better
  • In the meantime, echo dot will first turn to blue color and for greeting the user, the device turns into orange color
  • Next, connect the 3rd generation echo dot device to your internet network
  • In the Alexa app, go to the main menu and tap the settings option
  • In the settings, click the ‘network’, and connect to your available Wi-Fi or mobile internet network
  • Select your network name in the available list
  • Now, your echo dot is ready to interpret your voice command
  • Use the wake word ‘Alexa’ to turn on the echo dot. You can also change the wake word in the Alexa app itself

You can also get more details on echo dot 3rd generation setup review blogs about the setup process. Besides, if you need furthermore assistance or getting stuck during the Echo setup process, please reach our team by the toll-free number at +1-844-703-1260.

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