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It is a music channel network and asking whether it is a free or premium channel, the answer is ‘freemium’. Yes, normally, the channel is available for free with advertisements and other automatic music videos. With its availability around various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, America, Africa, Asia, they are broadcasting various world-class music videos.

So, to get your all desired musical contents, you can make the search using options like artist, album, genre or playlist. Alexa is also upgrading various skills to provide multiple accesses to the users especially, with respect to Spotify. And getting this Spotify channel on Alexa is not an exception. Refer the below information to know about how to enable Spotify Alexa with easy steps.

How To Enable Spotify Alexa
How To Enable Spotify Alexa?

Spotify Accounts and Special Subscriptions

Below mentioned categories are the basic one, in which the user can select from Spotify based on their comfort and choice,

  • free
  • Premium
  • family

How to enable Spotify Alexa?

  • To begin with, you need the Alexa app on your smartphone to enable the Spotify on Alexa
  • Download and install the Alexa app from the app store
  • In the meantime, sign in the app with your own account and in the left side you can see the menu option
  • Click the menu and then go to the settings option
  • Under the settings option, you can see the music & Media option in Alexa preferences topic
  • You will see the set of options with an option of ‘Link account on
  • In the next window, click the ‘log in to Spotify’ option in green color
  • Enter the essential credentials to sign in your Spotify account
  • Now again go to the Music & media option in the Alexa settings and you can see the Spotify added account
  • Click the ‘choose default music services’ option in the bottom
  • This is to select Spotify as the default music player in your Alexa

Now you can give the voice commands with song name, genres or artist name in your Alexa and enjoy your Alexa musical streaming.

Spotify for Artists

Spotify is somewhat peculiar because it is one of rare musical channels to introduce a separate platform exclusively for artists. With this Spotify option, various artists and performers can get access to data about monthly peak music, listeners’ choice, demographic info, geographical data, preferences and a lot more.  By using this exclusive platform, musical artists can get some extra vision and connection over their audience, which helps further to improve the quality of music.

Besides the provided steps, if you want to know more about how to enable Spotify Alexa, please call our team by the toll-free number at +1-844-703-1260 or visit Amazon Alexa Echo.

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