Privacy Policy

Obtained through the website or through using any form of direct or indirect communication between the website and the user,this Privacy Statement describes in detail about how gathers, uses, handovers, and reveals data including personal Information.Through using the services provided by the above-mentioned website,you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by this Privacy Statement.

Data Collection Process

Only to study and analyze the data for the betterment of our services, information collected from the users are used.

Name and Contact Details

Personal info which includes the name of the user and other contact details are essential in order to process the support request from the user. In addition we will also require a few other details with respect to the device and payment options.

Credentials and Payment data collection

OTP and other payment related info such as credit card or debit card info are necessary to process the user’s request as we are a paid services support team. The failure to do so may render the user incapable of using our services any further.

Device Information

We will be collecting the device information, its current operational state or any other related information for providing efficient solutions to the user’s issues. Sometimes, our support team staff may also require the location of the device for channel related updates and other similar services.

Collection of Location data may collect information about the device’s location during the course of providing service, for delivering location specific services such as channel updates, cable subscriptions and other related info. Therefore, we request all users to provide the corresponding info accurately, failing which they may be denied the services of this website.


For varied purposes like document download and other technical issues for analyzing the site traffic, the website may use cookies.

Personal Information

Unless we wish to take any legal action against you, Personal, location and device related information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential. Wherein the user interferes or violates the rights of, we may take up strict action against all perpetrators involved in the matter.