Amazon Alexa Echo Dot

Echo dot device arrives with the best in class features and is in popular demand across the nation. The voice controlled device is used to play music and performs a series of other tasks. Set up the device and then, link the device to the app and start using it. Most of the users come across errors while using the device and when you reset Echo Dot you can overcome such issues.

Echo dot device models are of different types and include Echo Dot device First generation, Echo Dot device second and third generation.

Reset Echo Dot
Reset Echo Dot


Steps to Reset Echo Dot Device First Generation

Let us have a Quick Review of the Steps to Reset your Echo Dot Device

  • Switch on your Echo Dot device first and the very first step is to connect all the required cables. Try to use good quality cables and make sure that you connect it in the required slot.
  • Connect the device to the Network and to the power source before you start using it.
  • Download the Amazon Echo Dot app and then start connecting it to the Echo Dot device
  • Search for the reset switch available at the back of the device and start pressing and holding it for at least a few seconds. The Echo dot device will automatically reset if you wait for sometime

Reset Echo Dot Device Second Generation

If you are an Echo Dot device 2ndgeneration user. Turn on the device and connect all the required cables to the respective slot. You can download the Amazon Alexa app from the store and start linking to the respective device. Connect it to the network. Start pressing and holding the Microphone button and the volume button at the same time. Select the respective reset button to reset Echo dot device.

 Alternate Method – Reset using Alexa App

It is also possible to perform the reset using the Alexa app. Just navigate to the respective settings on the app. After connecting the device to the network you can just search for the respective settings for a reset. Once you select the settings choose the name of the device.

An about section will be visible where you can check if the device is registered. Select the option Deregister and the device will automatically deregister. Just tap on the action button to perform the Reset function. You can now start the new setup

Reset your Echo Dot Device Third Generation

If you are an Echo Dot device third generation user complete the initial device setup and then tap on the action button for few seconds. Wait for some time and the device will automatically reset.

 Reset Echo Dot device and start resolving the errors right away. Use the device and make the required selection using your voice.

If you come across any errors using the Echo Dot device the better solution is to reset the device. It has been found that most of the errors resolve if you perform a soft or hard reset. Read the above instructions to perform the reset. For more information, visit Amazon Alexa Echo website or call @ +1-844-703-1260.

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